2000 Aprilia RS 125

Photos: 2
Member: cheersbigears
From: Torbay United Kingdom
Info: This is my new bike! It“s actually the same as my last, a 1999 model. I bought this bike for £2,000! She“s in imaculate condition!! I love this bike!! This bike is Full power(33bhp) has powervalve,de-...
Photos: 314
Member: termdave86
From: London United Kingdom
Info: dunno wat this on bout but ma bikes a xtremer r its got a 0-60 time bout 5.5secons bin downd geard and got flat sided carb just clik the pic 4 more pics and progress frew the spray job
Photos: 17
Member: thompz125
From: shropshire United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: jim636
From: bolton United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: couchpatato
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 6
Member: pornosdad
From: essex United Kingdom

Photos: 7
Member: crisvsv
From: Bucharest Romania

Photos: 2
Member: nfr225
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 8
Member: mrhelmut
From: Sweden

Photos: 5
Member: mlodysbt
From: Poznań Poland

Photos: 2
Member: alliamc
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 9
Member: bobfelloff
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 4
Member: russell6013
From: Guernsey United Kingdom
Info: My current bike, i bought this in neer mint condition with only a few slight scratches on the decals from some bugga trying to rob the decals.
my first bike and its amazing i wont be selling it after...
Photos: 4
Member: bcfaza
From: Old land United Kingdom

Photos: 11
Member: fenix121
From: Poland

Photos: 2
Member: lillepetter
From: Skien Norway
Info: this is my baby i love her to bits when its riding well its de restrictede to 33bhp so it does 100mhp give or take this is my custom paint job and soon to get my new exhaust !
Photos: 1
Member: apriliafireseed
From: slough United Kingdom

Photos: 2
Member: zxr400chris
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: ramshackleman
From: Zagreb Croatia (Hrvatska)

Photos: 4
Member: golfeur
From: Lambach France

Photos: 2
Member: dzgn
From: Lahti Finland

Photos: 24
Member: tecky
From: United Kingdom
Info: Ive got an Rs125 which ive only just got, i love it too bits cant stop cleaning it. ive just ordered a solo seat. I have also got loads more modifications coming for it in the next few weeks. Like Sol...
Photos: 21
Member: jo5h
From: birmingham United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: otbc
From: Germany
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