2000 Aprilia RS 250
Info: Carretera d'Arbúcies - Sant Hilari (Girona)
Curva del Pont Gran
[1551] 494x321 / willies

[1610] 676x394 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden
Info: Back view of my bike
[2014] 888x592 / arai92
Brisbane Australia
Info: Photo from the other side.
[1783] 806x516 / arai92
Brisbane Australia
Info: Nov 2000 Model RS250, only done 3500 Kms :-)

Nice and Quick ! 

Any Brissy Fans out there... Drop me a line if you wanna go for a spin..
[2454] 926x568 / arai92
Brisbane Australia
Info: "Don't fead the bike's. They might bite."
[1035] 579x372 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden

[962] 579x372 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden
Info: Hmmmm.....more scratches...
[1098] 398x677 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden
Info: MOHAHAHAaaaa......
[1270] 398x580 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden
Info: HaHa....my dad...maby one day =)
[2509] 579x394 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden
Info: just a raw beast....
[1586] 575x363 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden
Info: "WARNING" danger "WARNING"
[1304] 580x397 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden
[1939] 414x572 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden
Info: my new bike. it's an old race bike so it's not totaly free from scratches =)
[3479] 580x364 / chukabowa
Lödde Sweden
Info: This is me (116) at a wet Philip Island GP circuit.  Little did I know but at the time the poor old RS250 was only running on one power valve and it had to still try and haul my 85kg arse around the t...
[2163] 800x533 / rone
Brisbane Australia
Info: This is at Queensland Raceway on the sameday as the other pic.  This time it was pouring rain.  I manged to go from about 26th on the grid upto 8th position before I lost the front end on some oil and...
[1984] 800x533 / rone
Brisbane Australia
Info: This is me again at a drying Philip Island GP circuit.  i have just finished exiting Honda Corner.  Yes the bike is Camo.
[2280] 800x533 / rone
Brisbane Australia
Info: This is me at Queensland Raceway coming into turn 3.  It is a nice long straight followed by real hard braking.............good fun!
[1614] 794x519 / rone
Brisbane Australia
Info: Now thats what i call a pair of nice rears.
[4774] 640x480 / cus
Brisbane Australia
Info: The Rs with my flatmates NSR250 SE in the background.
The NSR SE has a dry clutch and aftermarket Jap pipes. Amazing little machine.
[3153] 640x480 / cus
Brisbane Australia
Info: Picture of my carbon fibre tank protector from Geelong Carbon Copy.
[2401] 640x480 / cus
Brisbane Australia

[741] 696x540 / jimmermac
bristol United Kingdom
Info: Sorry i dont have a digital camera. As soon as i get 1 i will upload pics of all my bikes. This is a pretty good 250 but i dont like 2 stroke, i like 4 stroke, power to the Honda CBR 250 RR!
[4783] 345x295 / greeny96
adelaide Australia
Info: The Rs keeps a record of your top speed and average speed. Although not the top speed we have done together it was quite a nice round number.

Not bad for a stock standard Rs250!

Note: this was o...
[4621] 640x480 / cus
Brisbane Australia
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