2004 BMW R 1100 S

Photos: 9
Member: budman200210
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: vfernando
From: Portugal

Photos: 9
Member: freer
From: Desnogorsk Russia

Photos: 13
Member: pefi
From: Rot am See Germany

Photos: 4
Member: chubetti
From: Milano Italy

Photos: 2
Member: mrkim
From: Greenwood Lake United States

Photos: 1
Member: scotchandy
From: Hawick United Kingdom

Photos: 2
Member: kirooo
From: Montana Bulgaria
Info: My only modern bike is this 1100s boxer cup, fantatic sport bike and great traveler,I love this bike for her sound and her tork....
Photos: 2
Member: huss
From: Liége Belgium

Photos: 1
Member: gonzalesr
From: Italy
Info: Red is Great !!!

Ca change du 600 XLM, manque plus que la ligne Lazer et les valoches...
A part ca, je salue tous les Frenchy qui passent dans le coin, notament X-off, Lydie, Flavien, Jean Noel (s...
Photos: 2
Member: wallaceetgromit
From: Asnieres France

Photos: 1
Member: kfd20
From: Knoxville United States

Photos: 17
Member: gerald22
From: Rostock Germany

Photos: 2
Member: cris1
From: Piacenza Italy
Info: I can´t believe if anyone would diss this bike.  It drifts like a dream.  I park it right next to my ducati.  If you own one try to opt. for the exhaust and chip package it is awsome.
Photos: 2
Member: niclope
From: San Francisco United States

Photos: 1
Member: amolnatu
From: Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Photos: 1
Member: billy_joe
From: el Vendrell Spain

Photos: 1
Member: xelevenx11
From: Germany

Photos: 3
Member: supermotalpy
From: Treviso Italy
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