2005 Derbi GPR

Photos: 10
Member: romus15
From: Bruay-la-buissière France

Photos: 1
Member: romus
From: Bruay-labuissière France

Photos: 4
Member: giacomogpr
From: bastia umbra Italy
Info: This is the best performing 50cc bike I have come across. Speed and acceleration out does any other 50 (including newer GPRs!) It does about 60-65 mph with a 14tooth front sprocket, and corners nicely...
Photos: 4
Member: powerbnd1nferno
From: Newquay United Kingdom
Info: This is (performance wise) the best 50cc stock bike I have come across yet. Its very fast compared to other 50s. Beats a Reiju RS2 matrix every time... 2 up
Its been de-restricted and geared up and d...
Photos: 2
Member: streetpredator
From: Newquay United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: brad11
From: guernsey United Kingdom
Info: Top speed at 140 km/t

80cc Hebo sylinder.
Photos: 7
Member: mathiazz
From: Ålesund Norway

Photos: 8
Member: 50ccslayer
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 1
Member: lozydoyle88
From: Chichester United Kingdom

Photos: 78
Member: zakk13
From: Kutno Poland

Photos: 3
Member: _nito_
From: Spain

Photos: 2
Member: diazzzzz
From: madrid Spain

Photos: 19
Member: djvinz
From: Hermenches Switzerland

Photos: 18
Member: nicvk
From: port louis Mauritius

Photos: 5
Member: renegaderacer
From: Abtwil (SG) Switzerland

Photos: 5
Member: stiebe
From: Near Baden Switzerland

Photos: 8
Member: ash16
From: paignton United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: kristers
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 7
Member: marcojazz
From: Vasto Italy

Photos: 10
Member: pablitos
From: Merida Spain
Info: it is a black one
Photos: 1
Member: marco88
From: Netherlands

Photos: 6
Member: turbo965
From: jtytfiyk France

Photos: 4
Member: kowalsiu
From: Poland

Photos: 1
Member: johnny20
From: Pula Croatia (Hrvatska)
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