1989 Honda CBR 600 (F & RR)
Info: Found this through a friend of a friends friend deal. Had beed sitting for 17 years in a garage. Nice bike. Well this one is sold now.
Photos: 22
Member: joedirtslinger
From: Bloomington United States

Photos: 2
Member: kutter210
From: Fresno United States
Info: 235Km/h Top Speed
Photos: 4
Member: iker
From: Barcelona Spain

Photos: 4
Member: lemmy68
From: Sweden
Info: PC 23
Tunning: Exhause REMUS, 94KM, Optical-ligt on  back tyre.
Photos: 11
Member: kubi
From: Żnin Poland

Photos: 4
Member: ferragood
From: Spain

Photos: 3
Member: roadrebel
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 12
Member: niksu
From: Finland

Photos: 2
Member: smokedieselfuck
From: miami United States
Info: its a all in one modified bike
Photos: 4
Member: smokediesell
From: miami United States

Photos: 9
Member: ivano
From: torino Italy

Photos: 29
Member: pushek
From: Bialystok Poland
Info: I bought this bike next to nothing and this is my first street bike. The body work is VERY rough and I am having problems finding what I need. But I do have some good plans for it.
Photos: 4
Member: josh2010
From: Blissfield United States
Info: Right now I am in the process of painting the plastic. I wont have time to do all of the other stuff like the frame rims and all of that i want to ride. The rest will wait till winter.
Photos: 4
Member: josh2010
From: Blissfield United States

Photos: 5
Member: drewpyguitar
From: United States

Photos: 4
Member: blanco89cbr
From: United States
Info: this is my friends bike.  it´s in great shape.  it was just was polished and waxed in this pic.   it´s stock except for the can.
Photos: 3
Member: ahmrjudo
From: Canada

Photos: 2
Member: dbhughes1981
From: Wilmington United States

Photos: 18
Member: superbobory
From: Como Italy

Photos: 2
Member: hurricane600
From: tampa United States

Photos: 1
Member: fsanchez
From: Cancun Mexico
Info: this is a tired out old cbr 600, witch i love to bits when i go to work on a morning, passing all the pecks in there cars it puts a smile upon my face,and that gose for  going home in the rush hour to...
Photos: 1
Member: sweeny
From: leeds United Kingdom
Info: for a older bike this bike just rocks, today I road it from Norfolk to Richmond and back I ran it agaist bikes twice its size and not only did it hold its own for a bike thats 16 years old it ran bett...
Photos: 8
Member: cathom
From: Norfolk United States

Photos: 1
Member: ameof
From: Boynton Beach United States
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