1986 Honda CMX 250

Photos: 1
Member: caffeinenicotine
From: Weaver United States

Photos: 9
Member: huggus
From: Mikołów Poland

Photos: 4
Member: arielimited
From: buenos aires Argentina

Photos: 7
Member: leoneldare
From: Buenos Aires Argentina

Photos: 8
Member: mrcapri73
From: columbus United States

Photos: 5
Member: feder261276
From: Capital Federal Argentina
Info: I bought this bike as is for $1700.00 US dollars.
I mean what you see is what I got, I Love this bike but Iam out grrowing it. Iwant something faster!!hehe

Want to know more about serviceing this ...
Photos: 1
Member: hard2theleft
From: SaintPetersburg United States
Info: YEAH
Photos: 7
Member: jaro
From: ZABRZE Poland
Info: my first dream. I would not sell it for a long time. But wenn I saw my current bike I had to sell him.
With a little tears in my eyes. It was a nice learning bike and a beauty to see. With many chroo...
Photos: 1
Member: shadowgirlie
From: Epe Netherlands

Photos: 4
Member: allsorts
From: Eindhoven Netherlands

Photos: 1
Member: ksail
From: Madison, AL United States

Photos: 1
Member: racafella13
From: New York United States

Photos: 12
Member: aclarke
From: Encinitas United States
Info: Bike is build in 1986 on has only 1800 miles on it. So basicly it's brand new. My mother bought it after she got her drivers license, but has only driven it 2 or 3 times. I encourage her to use it mor...
Photos: 3
Member: skoezie
From: Assen Netherlands
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