1998 Honda NSR 125

Photos: 5
Member: pierun
From: Pępowo, Gostyń, Poznań Poland

Photos: 3
Member: gromal
From: Śniadowo Poland

Photos: 10
Member: dagored2
From: Reims France

Photos: 5
Member: birdofillomen
From: Ĺlgĺrd Norway
Info: Honda NSR 125 -98 , 11 Kw , 125 cc , 120km/h
Photos: 4
Member: benzin
From: Göteborg Sweden

Photos: 35
Member: stasii
From: Płońsk Poland

Photos: 10
Member: kierbi
From: Poland
Info: Honda NSR125R Super Sprint v-max 165km/h w 6 sekund do 100km/h...Tylni lacz 160:)
Photos: 240
Member: marczello
From: Otwock Poland
Info: This is my 1998 mod Honda NSR125R. Wrecked September 2005 :(
Photos: 5
Member: taggy
From: Slemmestad, Norway

Photos: 6
Member: blade87
From: Olkusz Poland

Photos: 8
Member: yobreaker
From: Norway
Info: It was totally fucked. Maybe the main reason why it costed 20.000 cr :P
Photos: 4
Member: knophdtx
From: Ĺlgĺrd Norway

Photos: 21
Member: rolfi
From: ĺlgĺrd Norway

Photos: 1
Member: alexfoggy
From: La foz Spain
Info: My Old Honda NSR! This bike look`s really nice, but when it came to driving it was not very good..
Photos: 5
Member: forgassar
From: Kopervik Norway
Info: My first bike
Photos: 69
Member: tylik
From: Warszawa Poland

Photos: 14
Member: emiloko
From: Wołów Poland

Photos: 12
Member: marcintgb
From: Zebrzydowice Poland

Photos: 2
Member: jsavolainen
From: Kuopio Finland

Photos: 6
Member: coldfusionx
From: Tampere Finland

Photos: 6
Member: kochu84
From: Belchatów Poland

Photos: 3
Member: andersjohansson
From: Sweden

Photos: 3
Member: bartmfk
From: Brzozów/Lublin Poland

Photos: 1
Member: aca
From: belgrade Yugoslavia
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