1994 Kawasaki GPZ 500

Photos: 1
Member: probiker1000
From: Wrocław Poland

Photos: 13
Member: zidus
From: Tomaszów Maz. Poland

Photos: 13
Member: tonymachine
From: almirante brown Argentina
Info: I got an insurance payout from an accident and found this bike for £300... All it needed was the carbs cleaned out as they were a bit gummed up, had been sitting for a wee while but it was still taxed...
Photos: 15
Member: mrdunkable
From: Edinburgh United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: kroscu27
From: gaziantep Turkey

Photos: 7
Member: vitu
From: Poland

Photos: 8
Member: skrzat00dt
From: Poland

Photos: 25
Member: stowniee
From: Wrocław Poland
Info: This was my first bike after passing my test, It was originaly Purple in colour, but I fanced a Lawson rep, The bike was sold at the start of the year (07) and now lives in Fife.
Photos: 2
Member: habbie
From: johnstone United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: martinbikermaniac
From: Kalety Poland

Photos: 6
Member: thinkyjones
From: Poland
Info: very nice bike...I bought him from my schoolboy from Jasionowka - Sebastian, but one thing was not very well - chest of runs - therefore I was sale
Photos: 5
Member: xatt
From: WhiteStock Poland

Photos: 13
Member: yurka
From: Moscow Russia
Info: Moje pierwsze "duże" dwa kółka. Bardzo wygodny motocykl sportowo-turystyczny.
Photos: 48
Member: arcer
From: Łomazy Poland

Photos: 3
Member: stevec
From: Castelnaudary France

Photos: 11
Member: gapazet
From: Gdansk Poland

Photos: 3
Member: deanrxs
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: mark22il
From: kiryat gat Israel

Photos: 4
Member: sewcio18
From: Poland

Photos: 2
Member: osprey11
From: Lisboa Portugal

Photos: 1
Member: piviza
From: salamanca Spain

Photos: 1
Member: lucky4
From: islamabad Pakistan
Info: This is the Gpz 500 S last model series
Photos: 13
Member: marxello
From: Roma Italy
Info: mein erstes strassenzugelassenes Bike

2 1/2 Monate; 4568km 
dannach Totalschaden aufgrund wütenden Bürgerkäfigs....
wiederhergerichtet und noch 6 Monate gefahren

(Bild is von members/jensbuhr ...
Photos: 1
Member: sidekix
From: Vienna Austria
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