2003 Kawasaki ZL 400 Eliminator
Info: Just saving a good old 250 from the junk yard and making it a little better than it was. It's still an Eliiminator but with a little bit of my personal appeal. Maybe when I die, someone will still be ...
[75] 1045x760 / hammichan
Info: 250 Eliminator, single seat, CB fenders, Harley 3.5 tank for the long haul, chopped 2 inches off on both sides do drag bars to split traffic easily without nailing car mirrors, dropped head lamp, lowe...
[47] 1200x900 / hammichan
Info: From the junk yard. A little fuel, a battery and some tools. Its started up. Time to operate.
[159] 1200x900 / hammichan
Info: Check out that 5 inch drop in the back.
[175] 640x480 / hammichan
Info: Eliminator from the rear before paint and suspension.
[144] 640x480 / hammichan
Info: Custom tail light. Short life after test ride.
[99] 640x480 / hammichan
Info: CB1000 rear fender, had to mount plate on side. First test ride with brake light on freeway was a disaster. I made a truck signal light into a brake light. Lowering mount was too low. First big bump, ...
[105] 640x480 / hammichan
Info: Used parts, Sportster signals, solo seat, CB1000 fender, Balius 25 rear sus, Daytona drag bars, grass tracker cables, personally manufactured rear lowering mounts, Dayton air cans, hardware from a hom...
[200] 640x480 / hammichan
Info: Kawasaki EL 250 Eliminator. Found at UMEDIA junk yard for $400. 7 weeks of repair, parts and paint in between rainy days.
[114] 640x480 / hammichan
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