1984 Kawasaki KX 80
Info: 1984 kx 80 bought new in 1985 from burnaby Kawasaki. Bike still has original 48mm piston and sleeve with 159lbs compression. Always used castrol based oils.
Photos: 1
Member: stoner
From: surrey Canada

Photos: 31
Member: burgerzbikez
From: Australia

Photos: 2
Member: kxrider77
From: Butler county United States

Photos: 3
Member: vtyler1234
From: no attleboro United States

Photos: 1
Member: 7changedotcom
From: Blair United States

Photos: 1
Member: borci88
From: Melbourne Australia
Info: i got this bike in 02 alls it needed was to clean the carby and new spark plug and fixed it then it broke in 04 piston n rings  was thrashed and needed to be rebored  then i fixed it  then it broke ag...
Photos: 15
Member: shanebutton
From: coffs harbour Australia

Photos: 1
Member: mx911
From: Canada
Info: STOLEN!!!
Photos: 3
Member: jbubbas7
From: Clarington Canada

Photos: 3
Member: ionjenny
From: Edmonton Canada

Photos: 5
Member: kyleladds69
From: minton.b Canada
Info: This thing has a CT 125 motor...She goes pretty hard as well...
Photos: 30
Member: skihi
From: Hamilton New Zealand
Info: MAD
Photos: 4
Member: bravo250
From: Canada
Info: Pretty Much Everything Is stock. This bike is a hog, i just blew the clutch on it trying to get out of waist-deep mud. Too bad. Gonna be about 200$ to fix it. Damn huh? I will be selling it soon.I  fo...
Photos: 3
Member: anthonyfuoco
From: Whitecourt Canada
Info: Ahh, the memeries.  The old KX80.  I can´t remember how much I paid for this, but I  do know I mowed a lot of lawns and delivered a lot of newspapers to get it.  It did get stolen once while I ow...
Photos: 2
Member: kermit24
From: Launceston Australia
Info: Real sketchy bike. Cost heaps of money to get going. Even though the suspension was sacked out this thing had a amazing top speed for an old 80.
Photos: 1
Member: walters
From: Australia
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