1990 Kawasaki ZZR 1100 / ZX11

Photos: 1
Member: leonkawa
From: Italy

Photos: 2
Member: rber99
From: Canada

Photos: 2
Member: marquis
From: d.f. Mexico

Photos: 3
Member: hhulzebos
From: Wieringerwerf Netherlands

Photos: 3
Member: zxeleven
From: Southern California United States

Photos: 2
Member: zken
From: Prescot United Kingdom

Photos: 3
Member: mar138
From: Sandomierz Poland

Photos: 5
Member: simonday2000
From: maidstone United Kingdom

Photos: 10
Member: ashtanga
From: United Kingdom
Info: This is a 1990 ZX11 which was stolen in june and was recovered after few months. Broken appart is how i found the bike. Then i rebuilt the bike from ground up. Ohh the torque.^^
Photos: 9
Member: ramans
From: Pullman United States

Photos: 29
Member: du1uuu
From: Alabang Philippines

Photos: 1
Member: gothicchick
From: United Kingdom

Photos: 10
Member: rodzx1100
From: United States
Info: Titan nitrir, race tech fork´s, 320 zxr brake disk´s, Dynojet carb kit, K&N air filter, Dyna race coil´s, ngk iridium spark´s plugs, nology wires, Factory ignition degree, Wiseco block cilinders and f...
Photos: 1
Member: jadedragon
From: Ondara Spain

Photos: 14
Member: xjszypa
From: Poznan Poland
Info: still going as fast
Photos: 20
Member: greywolf1132
From: redcar United Kingdom
Info: Cool bike, but very heavy and too much powerfull - if there is mistake in opening throttle, much probability, that you can be found at your back.

If you plan to travel a lot, these bike are most co...
Photos: 7
Member: shane54
From: Riga Latvia

Photos: 26
Member: r198man
From: Isle Of Man United Kingdom

Photos: 5
Member: claudeva
From: Canada
Info: 1255cc sbm big block
  lightened and balanced crank with carrillo rods
   ported head  , with shrink porting 1mm oversize inlet  stainless steel valves
   41mm flatslides and carbon airbox
Photos: 28
Member: davisag
From: COMBER United Kingdom

Photos: 2
Member: ladigill
From: United States
Info: this is the kawa from my ´boss´ also general pictures from me and the ´gang´ also new pictures of his latest crash...
Photos: 8
Member: haportasp1
From: groningen Netherlands

Photos: 4
Member: firefighter1
From: Airth United Kingdom
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