1983natl155's 1983 Yamaha YZ 125
Info: i am still torn on how much to ride this 83 that is my diamond. i have a complete unrestored one in storage. my wife wants it but this bike is real history. it is unbeaten with me aboard. all my spons...
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Info: o,k. thatz the new or modern #155 in the background. my wife bought it for me for my 40th. first new bike 4 me in 25 years. she has gotten all the new bikes.besides i am just gettin back after my near...
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Info: break in day after almost 25 years. time to get the bugs out. even the stickers are in the same place they were back then. amazing the staying power of this industry. a lot of those companies are stil...
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Info: bike is almost done. radiators bein restored and gonna be new shiny aluminum color. enlarged capacity and unpainted to run cooler. engine top end was left unpainted to run cooler. from temp gun tests ...
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Info: pipe is a dg gold pipe brand new from dg. when this was taken it wasnt raced yet. raced bike for the 1st time in 24 years and won. now itz a beautiful gold like we all remember back in the day.
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Info: every single bolt and internal part is oem brand new parts from yamaha right off the shelf. there is still tons of oem new parts available. still would like brand new oem or nos radiator shrouds. thou...
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Info: this is the condition i got it back just 2 days after gettin it off the plane. the 2 owners that had it after i sold it in 1985 took care of it. but oh no, time to replace every single part and start ...
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Info: frame was totally redone all the way to puttin it on a laser jig to test for problems. them reinforced and powdercoated. pretty far back in the restore but ya gotta start somewhere.
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Info: well this is the current stable as of december 07. now the #32 has a #1 plate on it. thatz my wifes. i am so proud of her holding the #1 plate. also that new 450 is a monster. wow what a bunch of powe...
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