234gearwheelie's 2003 Honda CRF 450
Info: when it first arrived with a few faults and cosmetic issues!
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Info: arrival at mine at this stage lots of little probs..
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Info: i had to strip the bike a lot further than this later on.
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Info: seized chain adjuster bolts in swingarm meant an ebay session for a new one,replaced bottom shock bearing and linkages at same time.
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Info: the finished article..
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Info: clean and ready
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Info: a little dirty after riding
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Info: dirty right side,track was real slick but i now see why people all over the world rave about the crf450!
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Information: My favourite practice bike ever, ive yet to race it but i dare say with a slightly heavier flywheel weight added and some hand guards i could better my yz250 results with this thing. I couldnt work out why these things were so popular until riding one,power delivery much smoother than a yzf450 yam so much easier to ride,it corners and handles like a cr250 stroker so is a real laugh,only downside is its to damn noisy so im looking for a quiet insert asap.

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