63special's 1998 Honda VFR 800
Info: Christmas day 2010, my first ride after my big accident on the Red Baroness... please meet The Falcon. Two years older than the Baroness, but twice as nice! I was absolutely stoked to be back on a bik...
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Info: Having a niice little burn on the Old Pacific Highway...I'll be smiling like an idiot inside my helmet ;)
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Info: Having a cruise up and down Macquarie Pass...riding well that day :)
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Info: Doing Level 1 California Superbike School at Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney, Australia
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Info: California Superbike School
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Info: The car hit me from behind, forcing my bike to the right. It fell onto the right side but I didn't hit the ground because the front fender of the car was there. That car was then rear-ended by the car...
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Info: So I got skittled by a twat in a cage. My foot got trapped underneath my bike and I ended up pulling so hard I pulled my foot right out of my boot. My boot is still underneath the bike in this pic. My...
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