76yz125c's 1976 Yamaha YZ 125
Info: Freshly restored to all original during summer and fall of 2009. Original tank, plastic, seat, Dunlop tires, rims, handlebars, and numerous other NOS parts gathered from many sources. This bike looks ...
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Info: 1976 YZ125-C
 Completely authentic restoration. Very keen attention to all details. 
 Examples of this were the original seat cover was carefully removed, repaired, cleaned up and re-installed with ...
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Info: Wheels were disassembled, hubs stripped and repainted using PPG DAR9000 black enamel with a bit of DX flatener added for proper tone. The rims are near mint as the parts bike they came from was ice-ra...
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Info: The fenders and side covers are original. Scratches were carefully wet sanded out. I started out with 220 grit for major scratches, wet sanding with finer and finer paper, working down to 2000 grit, a...
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Info: My original YZ125c back in 1980. I still have this same jersey from thirty years ago. I'm wearing it again in the recent picture I posted.
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Info: Taken in 1980
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Info: Good times. Miss those days.
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