adbl2's 2003 Yamaha YZF-R1
Info: nice day in the sun
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Info: lookin real good...
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Info: just sored this for 50 bucks or so on ebay will see if its any good should look awsome though...
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Info: new exhaust sounds sick had to re-calibrate power commander though... looks hot new adjustable rearsetts comming in black.. will do a sound clip soon...need a tubular style damper and im ...
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Info: got dark but here is a better photo...
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Info: my new rearsetts will be here soon and the bike is complete..also did the barnett clutch kit and the sr-3 conversion and what a diff...more grip off go....highly reccomend to anyone with a diaphram cl...
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Info: tell me what ya think....please pos feed back only
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Info: rearsetts done up all set just waiting for spring for sweet stabilizer to put in fron of my tank...916 style..
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Info: lookin good.....
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Info: done by can 2 reds and a base coat black frnt fender done as well also used the 3m venturshield materila all over nose so no dings from trucks throwing rocks..
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Info: lookin clean....
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Info: not scared to show how the majic happenes its all done at can and lots of patients and flash drying with heat gun.....peace people.....
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Info: gave my dash some help....
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Info: there not on in this photo but i put on some silver rim strips  a stabilizer folding levers and new preload adjusters intergrated tale light with directionals in smoke power commander custom map...rea...
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Info: must suck having a stock bike with just an aftermarket pipe and no power commander....too bad its not me.....
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Info: killer lookin sprocket and new pads and rotor
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Info: ready for the new year
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Info: They came out great
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Info: That's running halo and blue angel eye hi low beams look spectacular
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Info: just added fork sliders....and new rotors
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Info: new rear sets what a pain to install
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Info: waiting on new bar ends and rear axle sliders and im ready for 2015...
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