alwaysabutthead's 1983 Yamaha YZ 125
Info: finished photo. fully restored
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Info: god this was fun doin this bike. now wait till i post the photos of resto #2. same bike. more work
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Info: major mods in dim cases.
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Info: thatz all the competition is gonna see of this bike.
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Info: restored seat with oem nos seat cover . reshaped seat foam . and new seat frame.
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Info: jenny being lazy on the patio. if u like the photos and wish to get into restoring your loved one u can do it 2. just go all the way with it and no corner cutting. this bike is totally new from ground...
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Info: pretty front sneakers. couldnt use original rims or spokes as they were cracking between the spoke holes. so i went with top of line excel rims and super-lace setup from woodys wheelworks here in denv...
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Info: waiting to get on the track for the hunt. she wants on the track so bad
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Info: i didnt re-anodize shock reservoir cuz thatz the way the factory support bike i was racing was used. this is my amatuer natl bike.
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Info: some modernization done up here . luv the bars. i like bend compared to stock.
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Info: socal did all the # plates. if any of u out there want #s. call them and they now have the die cut to do 83 yz125. just mention my name.
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Info: all my original sponsor stickers in the same place. was amazed they have that sticker kit.
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Info: radiators were left unpainted after mods to run cooler like my support bike. man that paint took forever to soak off with carb cleaner.
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Info: contact speed and sport in pennsylvania for the wicked tough tank and other graphics. they really do hold up to gas fumes. no really. worth the money. they do not de-laminate.
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Info: here is a good example of wicked tough tank graphics. the 1v is a tribute to my wifes 2 time srac womens vet championship. thatz her #.
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Info: this is the first picture i took the day i got it off the plane after selling it 22 years ago.i also have about 120 photos of the restoration process but i wont put them up on my page. if u wish e-mai...
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Info: i mentioned in earlier photos of the restoration bike labeled #2. well here it is. whew. this one is gonna be a toughie. but worth it. these 80s era yamahas are awesome.
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