atakyto's 1998 Cagiva Mito 125
Info: Photo taked in the freeway on a trip Barcelona-Paris.
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Info: There's another photo but in anational french road and with the racing suit off.
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Info: Ready to continue!?it seems that the response is yes...
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Info: The Marc's Cagiva Mito ina motocross circuit...the light is low but this is a good photo...
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Info: Another photo taked in the french road going to Paris,driving with a speed of 130 km/h...good cruise speed with a 125cc motorcycle...
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Info: This is Marc at the hospital after a crash with his old bike...A Derbi GPR 50.The bike was almost destroyed and the new bike is the result of the money gived by the judge...The right arm was almost to...
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Info: That's the old Marc's Derbi GPR.It was very tuned...but a man don't respected a stop signal and he crashed with the car...
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Info: This an invert maked in the way of Paris with a good mountainsi de background...
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Info: Well,this is the first front Mito view...good photo and we see the little slots that Marc made it for the light.
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Info: This is a good rear and lateral view.This photo is taked in the door of Marc's house.
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Information: This a Cagiva Mito 125 which come from a racing team of a motorcycle shop.It have a new carburator and a new cylinder and the competition fibre.His paint design is a mixture of blue and violet.It have and Ixil exhaust.Good bike

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