Axa cu Scame's Member Page
Member: axacuscame
Name: Axa cu Scame
From: Tei, Bucharest, Romania
Gender: Male
Age: 37 years old
Riding For: 15 years
Member Info: The good side of "maniac behaviour" :))
1989 Moto Guzzi V 65 TT

Photos: 3
Purchased: May 2004
Info: I just bought this bike and I love it...Nothing about it can be compaired to comunist crap bikes I rode the last 2 years;). Al I can say about it until now is that it is 2 times better than my Jawa at everything (including double fuel consumption;) )
1983 Jawa 350

Photos: 9
Info: Czech fun bike, lots of trouble if you take it to the limit, will teach you even the most advanced mecanical skills or you don´t get to ride anywhere. Once you ´ve got to know every nut and washer inside that engine and after a thorough rebuild you can ask anything from it,but taking care not to cross the "CEF" limit "CEF"="Catastrophic Engine Failure"

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