baggzee's 2003 Kawasaki ZX-6R
Info: Run 2 The Sun part one 2003
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Info: My Ninja 636 in Switzerland in 2003
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Info: The 636 up on one wheel, fully loaded with luggage, lost in France
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Info: Just arrived at Chamonix, Mont Blanc in the background
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Info: The Kawasaki parked up and cooling down after a lap of the legendary Nurburgring. one amazing track but one i'll never ride again. last time i went there we took five immaculate bikes. only two came b...
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Info: Somewhere in France......... keys spare....... six hours of hand and knee searching.....keys found......Bobby you F#@*%r
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Info: one wheel only, in France
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Info: Somewhere near Koblenz, Germany, just after the run in with the German Harley Riders
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Info: Who can read a map?
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Info: the Kawasaki on the balance point near the rev limiter in second gear
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