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Member: banditidiot
Name: craig
From: bristol, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 33 years old
Riding For: 12 years
Member Info: In short im an idiot! to find out about my next idiotic project with a ninja go to
1995 Suzuki Bandit 600

Photos: 3
Purchased: Feb 2006
Info: This beauty is known as Josie. And i got her in February 2006 and we''ve done 9k together. Not all of which was as fun as it should''ve been, and she''s showing her age a bit now, but it''s nothing a little bit of spit and polish can''t bring out. She''s served me very well and i love her. she is soon to be on sale tho. and i''ll miss her loads. Latest news is that Josie has taken a turn for the wor
1995 Kawasaki ZX-9R

Photos: 14
Purchased: Apr 2007
Info: just bought this without an engine. now comes the fun part of finding one and putting it in and getting it all to work again! wicked! let''s see what happens.
1986 Honda VT 500

Photos: 1
Purchased: May 2004
Info: this was my first ever bike! it lasted about 1 day. then blew up! it was like riding a boat. you had no real say over where it went, it seemed to be guided by a greater power. I still have some fond memories of it tho. for example continually having to push start it about 20 times on the way to my mates garage once it decided to fall apart. In short: this bike is genius!
2000 Suzuki Bandit 600

Photos: 10
Purchased: Jul 2004
Sold: Feb 2006
Info: my first proper bike. Jaimee. did lots of ridiculously unplanned journeys on her. and crashed her a couple of times aswell. did enjoy fixing her up again each time. i advise any looking to get their first big bike to get one of these. they are plenty quick enough to scare the pants off you. but also easy enough not to scare you if u don''t want it to. if u ride them well you can trouble some sports

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