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Member: bcstudent
Name: David Holmes
From: Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Riding For: 24 years
1993 Suzuki RGV 250

Photos: 17
Purchased: Mar 2009
Info: A VJ22 ''P''-model RGV in more-or-less standard condition, other than aftermarket paint and chrome-plated expansion chambers. Bought locally out of pure nostalgia, the bike had been (apparently) mostly restored by the previous owner. It was in ok condition but clearly needed a serious clean and some TLC. Could use an engine rebuild just for completeness. This is the bike I wanted when I was 17 bu
2002 Yamaha Majesty 125

Photos: 12
Purchased: Jun 2009
Info: Project bike number one. Unsure if it''s worth repairing. Bought for 50 but has a knackered big-end. A rod kit may be available but the alternative is a new crank at 400. If the latter turns into the only option it''ll be going on eBay! June 2011 - Crank rebuilt. Original con-rod and big-end bearing in a horrible state. Engine going back together with new piston rings, crank seals and valve
1995 Suzuki RG 125

Photos: 12
Purchased: Jul 2009
Info: Project bike number two. Bought as a tatty non-runner that had clearly suffered greatly at the hands of many 17 year olds. Required total restoration. August ''09 - Project well under-way. Frame, swinging arm and wheels powder-coated and engine rebuilt. Power valves both found to be unserviceable. November ''09 - Built up as rolling chassis with engine fitted. January ''10 - Project resum
1996 Suzuki RG 125

Photos: 6
Purchased: Sep 2009
Info: Project bike number three. Bought from Surrey for spares to assist in the rebuild of the first RG. Too complete to use as parts though, so will likely be rebuilt also. The frame is stripped out, ready for powder-coating - February 2010.
1989 Suzuki RGV 250

Photos: 1
Purchased: Sep 2009
Info: Sometimes you have to take a look at what you just bought and think "why?". This is one of those times. Now has engine removed and chassis fitted with the gold wheels that came on the black VJ22 RGV (with new Dunlop GPR a10 tyres) and the braced swinging arm from the same bike - February 2010.
1999 Aprilia RS 250

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jan 2010
Info: Bought as a partially stripped project. The previous owner had intended to create a super-single using the RS chassis and a CRF450 engine but it never happened (thank Christ). He got as far as taking the bodywork off and removing the engine before shoving it all in the back of the shed for two years. I intend to put it back together and use it on the road. Top-end rebuild kit purchased.
2001 Yamaha YZF-R1

Photos: 7
Purchased: May 2010
Info: Taken in part exchange for my 2007 R1. The bike has had one owner from new and it pretty tidy under the grime. It hasn''t been particularly well maintained though and after its 19k miles needs a fair bit of work, namely: a damn good clean, new chain and sprockets, front brake overhaul and valve clearance adjustment. What it needs more than anything though is a steering damper. The cheapo exhaust ne
2006 Suzuki GSX-R 1000

Photos: 0
Purchased: Mar 2013
Info: A bike I''ve always wanted to try.
1990 Suzuki RGV 250

Photos: 7
Purchased: Feb 2013
Info: ANOTHER project bike, bought complete minus the engine. The story I was given was that a lad who owned the bike removed the engine and took it back to Ireland for a rebuild. He was tragically killed while there and the bike sat in his parent''s garage for the last 12 years. Seems like a good reason to restore it.
1983 Yamaha RXS 100

Photos: 0
Purchased: Mar 2013
Info: Cheap. Shite.
1994 Suzuki RG 125

Photos: 0
Purchased: May 2013
Info: Bought in complete but tatty condition and as a non-runner. Turns over but no signs of life. Problem appears to be a carb fault. The bike runs by switching off the fuel and spraying GT-85 into the airbox. The main bearings badly need replacing.
2001 Yamaha FJR 1300

Photos: 0
Purchased: May 2013
Info: A barge of a bike that was too cheap to turn down. Goes well for such a lump and should be good for eating up a few miles.
1984 Suzuki TS 50

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 1991
Sold: May 1992
Info: My first bike! Bought as a gift by my parents for my 16th birthday. Unmodified, other than a Gianelli silencer, giving a knee-trembling top speed of about 35mph. With fuel prices at about 45p per litre and 100mpg economy, it was almost free to run. I sold the bike to a local lad just before my 17th birthday, only for it to be stolen from outside the YMCA in Norwich a couple of months later.
1988 Kawasaki AR 80

Photos: 2
Purchased: May 1992
Sold: Feb 1993
Info: Bought from a friend just before my 17th birthday and unmodified apart from a Jim Lomas exhaust. I remember that it felt unbelievably fast compared to my previous TS50X and I had to have it. Unfortunately, when I finally got it I found it to be a bit of a nail. After sorting out the initial problems though, it proved to be a reliable machine and was capable of around 70mph. This was the bike I own
1991 Suzuki TS 125

Photos: 3
Purchased: Feb 1993
Sold: Apr 1994
Info: Bought cheap from DRDs in North Walsham after it was repossessed from the previous owner. A great bike that proved to be 100% reliable in the 14 months, and 7500 miles, I owned it for. Although I held my full-licence when I bought it, I chose to keep it in restricted 12bhp form. It still managed to top 70mph though and was ideal for commuting the 15 miles to work. Finally traded in against a TZR25
1989 Yamaha TZR 250

Photos: 4
Purchased: Apr 1994
Sold: Jul 1995
Info: Bought from Tinklers in Norwich in unmodified, mint condition. Unfortunately not as reliable as I expected though, and the most expensive bike I''ve ever owned in terms of maintenance. This bike holds a couple of ''firsts'' - first bike to blow up on me and first bike I crashed. Luckily the crash was a low-speed lowside in the ice on Boxing Day. I almost replaced the TZR with a KR-1S but decided on a
1992 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 5
Purchased: Jul 1995
Sold: Aug 1998
Info: My first ''big bike'', bought from DRDs in North Walsham. Three years old to the day at the time of purchase. I owned this bike for three almost trouble-free years. The only cost, other than servicing, was a Micron exhaust system after the standard headers rotted through. A good bike now but brilliant in its day. Traded in at Tinklers in Norwich against a brand new CBR900RR Fireblade in 1998.
1998 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 4
Purchased: Aug 1998
Sold: Aug 2000
Info: The third-generation Fireblade, known by some as the ''Lardy Blade'' due to its less-sporty image compared to the original and ''fox-eye'' models. Bought new in 1998 from Tinklers of Norwich after being offered a great deal over the fox-eye model I intended to buy. I had a lot of fun on this bike, most notably during a weekend trip to Matlock. Sold back to Tinklers for financial reasons before startin
1988 Honda NSR 250

Photos: 5
Purchased: Aug 2000
Sold: Jul 2001
Info: An MC18 model NSR bought from a friend at college as some cheap fun while at university. Not in the best condition but cleaned up ok and went well. Sold in 2001 before leaving the UK for my exchange year at the University of Victoria in Canada. One of the few bikes I really wish I''d never sold.
2003 Yamaha YZF-R6

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: Oct 2004
Info: My return to biking after a three-year break while at university. I didn''t plan to buy it, but it just came along at the start of the summer for the right price. Bought it cheap with 800 miles on the clock, ran it for the summer and sold it for a profit before the weather changed. Completely standard apart from the addition of Yamaha crash bobbins. Good memories of a great bike.
2005 Yamaha YZF-R1

Photos: 8
Purchased: Mar 2005
Sold: Oct 2005
Info: A 2004 model bought new in 2005 at a discount price. The most fun bike I''ve ever owned. Felt like a 600 with litre-bike power. Took it on the 800-mile round trip to the Isle of Man in 2005 and had a blast. Forced to sell after seven months due to lack of money.
2004 Suzuki DRZ 400

Photos: 5
Purchased: Oct 2005
Sold: Dec 2007
Info: An SK3 model on a 2004-plate, bought in mint condition to replace my R1 in 2005. Used for 20-mile commuting and weekend green-laning. Not very fast, but an excellent bike all the same. As much fun as the R1 but in a different way! The low-point during ownership of this bike was getting knocked off on 11-11-05 by a Fiat Punto driver who then ran me over, breaking my foot in several places.
2005 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Photos: 4
Purchased: Dec 2006
Sold: Jul 2009
Info: Spotted in the MCN classifieds while searching for a ZX-10R. It was local and had been listed for a couple of months. I was surprised to find it was still for sale, maybe due to the time of year, and made a silly offer. The seller accepted and the rest is history. The bike had 4000 miles on the clock and was in unmodified, mint condition. The furthest it went during my ownership is Brands Hatch -
2003 Honda CRF 450

Photos: 3
Purchased: Dec 2006
Sold: Apr 2011
Info: I bought this bike in motocross trim from DRDs in North Walsham, who were selling on behalf of a customer. The bike came with a pair of Excel/Talon supermoto wheels and a box of spares. I fitted the wheels (and Michelin Pilot Power tyres), lights, horn, CBR600RR switchgear and digital Acewell speedo, built a wiring loom and had the bike SVA tested. Initially it failed on noise at 102dB (maximum al
1993 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 3
Purchased: Aug 2006
Sold: Jan 2008
Info: Bought from a friend as a scruffy MOT failure with a broken fairing. I spent a lot of time, and a fair bit of money, restoring the bike to its former glory. The finishing touch was the HM Plant graphics kit from eBay. A complete nightmare to fit, thanks to the shape of the fairing, but worth every second and a bargain at 30. A very competent bike that will be missed, not least by the friends that
1996 Kawasaki ZXR 750

Photos: 3
Purchased: Jul 2007
Sold: Nov 2007
Info: Bought as a tatty non-runner. Restored to its former glory as a summer project and sold to a friend. Surprisingly fast for a bike that was 11 years old at the time of purchase. Fitted with a full Akrapovic exhaust system (road baffle).
2001 Suzuki GSX-R 1000

Photos: 5
Purchased: Aug 2007
Sold: Aug 2008
Info: I bought this K1-model GSXR from a friend. Despite the tatty condition it was too cheap to refuse. Originally a German import (so I was told), the bike had already suffered a lowside crash on the right-hand side when my friend bought it in Feb 2007. He ran the bike for five months when it decided enough was enough and the engine developed a nasty knock. A replacement K2 engine was fitted and I bou
1997 Peugeot Speedfight

Photos: 1
Purchased: Mar 2008
Sold: Jun 2008
Info: A little gem...not. I got this liquid-cooled 50 from a mate as part of a swap. It ran ok but was a bit of a shed, in a tasteless colour-scheme, with no tax or MOT. Sold to a friend of a friend for a small profit.
2006 Yamaha YZF-R1

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jan 2009
Sold: Jul 2009
Info: A special edition R1 built to commemorate Yamaha''s victorious race debut in the 1955 Mount Fuji Ascent race in Japan. Painted in Kenny Roberts ''speedblock'' colours, made famous when the man himself won 500cc World Championships in 1978 and ''79. Was fitted with: Termignoni silencers with de-catted Y-piece, Power Commander, Ohlins steering damper, Harris rear-sets, Pazzo levers, taller Yamaha scr
2007 Yamaha YZF-R1

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jul 2009
Sold: May 2010
Info: I traded my 2006 50th Anniversary R1 in for this 2007 model R1 and pretty-much instantly regretted it. It was fitted with an official Yamaha factory Fiat bodykit, making it a much better looking bike than the 2006 version. However, the peaky power delivery and glitchy fuel injection sealed its fate. I ended up trading it back in for a 2001 R1 and a pile of cash.
1997 Honda CBR 900

Photos: 14
Purchased: Jun 2010
Sold: Apr 2011
Info: Bought cheap as a hack/project after having been stood for two years. The bike is in pretty poor shape and is sporting some hefty cosmetic damage thanks to a car driver who knocked it over. Potentially a diamond in the rough though, fitted with an Ohlins steering damper and rear shock plus a full Akrapovic exhaust system and K&N air filter. Cleaned up well but sold (for a profit!) as it was
2002 Yamaha YZF-R1

Photos: 3
Purchased: Mar 2011
Sold: Jul 2011
Info: Actually a 2001 5JJ model registered on a 2002 plate. Bought as traded in at a local dealer for not a lot of money. Intentions are to clean and service it then sell it on. No major problems but the EXUP fault code is up plus there''s some light accident damage on the odd panel and generator cover. April 2011 - Bike cleaned up well after being mostly stripped. New generator cover on the way via e
2001 Yamaha TMAX 500

Photos: 8
Purchased: Aug 2011
Sold: Nov 2011
Info: Another machine rescued from the back room of a local dealer. This bike still belonged to a customer when it was discovered. The story was that the owner wished to trade it in at the dealership but they weren''t interested due to its condition. He never collected it and it sat there for 18 months before I made him an offer on it. Cleaned up well and was awesome fun but given to my dad for his birth
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