Annabella Perry's Member Page
Member: bella
Name: Annabella Perry
From: Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Gender: Female
Age: 33 years old
Riding For: 16 years
1991 Honda CBR 400

Photos: 9
Info: This is the bike I made my poor father drive all the way to Portsmouth with a trailor for! A few weeks before my previous CBR was stolen I had splashed out on some very nice matching leathers, and had no intention of getting a different coloured bike (oh, how girly!). So 600 miles later, this baby was delivered safe and sound back to my home. FINALLY I have managed to *coughs* aquire some lovel
1988 Suzuki GSX-R 400

Photos: 4
Info: Jimmy´s bundle of joy. This bike is also known as Linford... He was stolen, and recovered. However, the crash this poor bike was involved it left it rather the worse for wear, you can see some of the damage in the photos. Following a long summer of fixing and blagging parts, Linford was re-born. With new plastics, front wheel, rebuilt forks, and handmade rearsets (thanks dad!) he´s looking
1991 Honda Bros 400

Photos: 6
Purchased: May 2007
Info: The best bike in the world (for commuting). It has all the key features of a work horse (sorry, DONKEY!): - Indestructible - Cheap to fix - Cheap to run - Reliable, even when maltreated - Heated grips (for the winter) - Bar mitts (see above) - Uber toasty frame (see above) - Terrifying to car drivers, they all seem to part like the red sea when they see that thing coming - Thief proof
1991 Honda NSR 125

Photos: 4
Info: This was my first bike that I so lovingly restored from it´s fairing-less state to the beauty you see. Several month´s hard work and a substantial amount of stress and cash later it was finished. Then on it´s first real outing as a beauty I high-sided it and erm, well you can see! Oops!
1988 Honda CBR 400

Photos: 4
Info: My true love. This bike was perfect. Until some taffy thugs got hold of it and it disappeared into the evening mist. This bike took me everywhere, including epic journeys to Cornwall in mid-winter... Brrrrrrr. I´m now on my second CBR but have no pictures as yet.

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