Ben van der Voort's Member Page
Member: benvandervoort
Name: Ben van der Voort
From: amsterdam, Netherlands
Gender: Male
Age: 61 years old
Riding For: 46 years
Member Info: I grew up in the caribean. What a great place to ride a bike. Always had bikes from the day I got 16. In recent years too much changes, every 2 year new bikes.... No satisfaction....My wive told me to make up my mind... Gave it a good thought and decided to go Classic. With my CB750 K2, I fully enjoy the occasional rides on nice and sunny days. I am much surprised and enjoy all that sympathy from people, I´ve never met, when they start talking to me about the bike at gas stations or cafe with terrace.... When I ride with good friends on gorgeous but expensive Ducati´s, people again are turning to the CB750. I keep it in perfect shape and have no urge to sell whatsoever, since I bought the bike from first owner in Oct 2002. At the time the bike became available I didn´t had the funds to purchase, I drove a CL350 Scrambler at the time.
1972 Honda CB 750

Photos: 2
Purchased: Oct 2001

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