bigglestheflyingpoo's 1981 Honda CX500

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Purchased: Oct 2003
Sold: Dec 2004
Information: First post licence bike, 500cc shaft driven... Problems.. Hole in the radiator from an unsecured nut within a week. Suspected camshaft bearing damage from nut comeing loose a second time (luckly the rad was spared, no more problems after i did the job properly myself with loctite thread lock) both of these were down to neglect, no real problems appart from that ever... appart from being a bit of a git to start after being left standing for a week.... I put 10,000 miles on the cx in a year without really trying, i can´t think of any other bike i´d be more happy to trundle up and down the country on... well maybe the gl (big ugly fared version) I´m still in the uk club cx/gl mcc, the club really makes the cx even more of a plesure to own.. Sadly being quite unsuiteable for the roads i spend most time on (twisty country roads) it was sold inexchange for an 87 transalp.. Though when time/space/money allow i´ll be haveing another one...

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