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Member: bikenut06
Name: Ross Avery
From: CBD, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Gender: Male
Age: 57 years old
Riding For: 10 years
1971 Honda CB 100

Photos: 4
Purchased: Aug 2006
Info: I bought this bike August 2006, this was the same bike, same colour ( not the actual bike ) I owned 31 years ago. After a bad accident in 1977 (not my fault ) My Dad made me get rid of it as I kept falling off of it. Brings back so many memories, Love it ! --------- Update Jan 2007 : Honda CB100 has now been warranted and registered for the road again.
1976 Honda CB 200

Photos: 1
Purchased: Nov 2006
Info: 1976 Honda CB200 Bought this bike in a as is condition unregistered and unwarrented All original apart from exhaust pipes. I will try to track down some original pipes for this bike Rode well and ran well overall very happy with it. ------ Update Jan 2007 : Honda CB200 has now been warranted and registered for the road again.
1977 Suzuki GT 500

Photos: 1
Purchased: Jan 2007
Info: Just purchased this bike it in original condition and is needing a bit of a tidy up
1975 Suzuki GT 250

Photos: 4
Purchased: Nov 2006
Info: Bought this bike via Auction sight unseen and overall it was in great condition however old owner a little vague/untrue about the engine condition. Work done New Pistons, rings, Bearings and gudgins, Cylinders rebored Gearbox and final drive all ok Work carried out by Qualified Mechanic. Bike now runs like a clock, like a new clock. Have had it to 140Ks but has a little more ups its sleev
2003 Honda CBR 1100 Blackbird

Photos: 19
Purchased: Oct 2007
Info: Bought this bike from Nelson South island new home Plamerston North North Island very nice bike. All of what I have read is true, it does everything that you want and does it well. I will have a lot of fun with this bike
1979 Suzuki GT 185

Photos: 4
1981 Yamaha XJ 750

Photos: 4
Purchased: Jan 2007
Sold: Dec 2007
Info: Bought this 1981 Yamaha XJ750 Shaft drive bike from a friend. Bike in fair to good condition and runs extremely well, apparently the NZ Police used these bikes back in the 1980ís,(Thereís were single seat visions) no wonder they are little rocket ships. Nice and stable on the road with plenty of power to burn, although a little down on braking. I think its been repainted at some stage and
2004 Suzuki Bandit 1200

Photos: 25
Purchased: Feb 2007
Sold: Oct 2007
Info: Purchased this little gem 20-02-2007 retail from a company, Whitelock Suzuki in Wanganui NZ. I was blown away by the colour absolutely stunning in Met Blue/Green with itís full fearing, it had only done 4,200 ks when I bought it, barely run in. Great bike to ride with tons of power, I plan to have lots of fun with this bike, This Model is the "S" version I sold this bike on the 18-10-
1997 Honda CBR 1000 F

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jun 2007
Sold: Nov 2007
Info: When i was looking for a bigger bike, I took for a ride a 1992 CBR and i was quite impressed with it. I also took a couple of other brands and later models out but found the CBR was still nicer to ride. However I eventually bought the Suzuki Bandit. When this CBR come up for sale i decided to buy it, it gives me a different riding position where the Bandit is quite upright the CBR is like a half
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