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Member: bikerjay
Name: jason Markham
From: Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 32 years old
Homepage: http://spaces.msn.com/members/jays-bikes/
Member Info: I come from a family full of bikers, i have a huge passion for bikes. I own a ´95 Yam RD350R, It´s a lovely bike, at the moment i want to give the engine a re-build. I just got some chrome all speed exhausts, they´re gorgeous, I haven´t put them on yet, i want to get the rest of the work done first. I´m hoping to get my TRX850 re-built for summer 2007 so i can travel to the south of france on it.
1998 Yamaha TRX 850

Photos: 15
Purchased: Mar 2003
Info: This is my main bike again after i have re-built it, it used to be in a nice Kenny Roberts as seen on my page, when i came off it i decided to do something different and this is what the finished product looks like
2005 Thumpstar Pit Pro 120cc

Photos: 7
Purchased: Oct 2005
Info: One of my mates started selling these and i had a bit of spare cash and i thought what the hell, it´ll be a laugh. I am so glad i brought it now, it´s so much fun, sounds great and you can take it almost anywhere. If your thinkin about gettin a pit bike, i´d say get one of these
2002 Honda CBR 600

Photos: 8
Info: A few pics of my mum''s bike and a few of her trackday pics
1989 Yamaha RD 350

Photos: 14
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Just a few clips of me and my mate on our thumpstars
Bike: 2005 Thumpstar Pit Pro 120cc
Length: 117 seconds
Views: 1994
A couple of fellas racing around a dirt track. Awsome stuff, its gonna be a while till i get like that.
Bike: various
Length: 31 seconds
Views: 864

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