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Member: billy560
Name: bowlemovement
From: United States
Member Info: I''m 20 and i ride a 2006 KTM 560 SMR Supermoto and I love it. I also ride a 93 Honda 300EX, that is a great quad. My whole family used to ride but we had to sell our Quads and our Motor home. I have had 3 different Quads in my lifetime, the first a 87 Suzuki 185, the second was a 92 Yamaha Blaster, and third my 93'' 300EX. But my dad bought a 2000 Yamaha XT 350 and sort of adopted it as my own. I got my License and my motorcycle endorcement. Now I ride everywhere, I''ve now owned 3 ktm enduro''s/supermoto''s a kawasaki ZR-7 and a Yamaha Radian
2006 KTM 525 SMR

Photos: 8
Info: 560 SMR (not 525) most insane bike i''ve ever owned, truly an incredible bike.
2000 Yamaha XT 350

Photos: 5
Info: This is my dads 2000 XT350 Enduro, it''s a great all around bike. It is very capable on the trails and very fun to ride on the street. It has a top speed of around 85 or 90, smooth acceleration and amazing handling. We had the passenger back rest custom welded on, and added a smaller front sprocket for higher top end.
1993 Honda 300EX

Photos: 5
Info: This is my Honda 300EX. I love this bike it has good acceleration in every gear. The top speed is a little less than you''d expect, but it could climb straight up a wall if it wanted to. I can pull a wheelie in 1st-3rd gear and jump with the best of them. It has a Supertrap Pipe and a smaller front sprocket for more top end.
1993 Yamaha Blaster

Photos: 1
Info: This was my second quad i ever owned. it was a great bike...when it was running, typical 2 stroke always breaking down.
1987 Suzuki LT185

Photos: 0
Info: This was my first quad that i started on when i was 6 years old. it was the most reliable quad you could ask for it never broke down ounce and it just ran and ran. and it is still running today,last year we saw the guy we sold it to and it was still going strong.
2000 Kawasaki ZR 7

Photos: 3
Info: Sweet street bike with good power and very reliable
1987 Yamaha YX 600

Photos: 2
2006 Honda Rancher

Photos: 2
Info: This is a 4 wheeler that i rode on my familys farm it was comftorable, tough and surprisingly quick.
2007 KTM 640 LC4

Photos: 8
Info: This is my dream bike it will be perfect but i am going to have to save for a long time to get this bike.
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