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Member: black70camaro
Name: mikki bang
From: vancouver, b.c, Canada
Gender: Male
Member Info: Hello ive bin riding bikes since i was 6 years old , and i was makin sounds like i was a bike for the 6 before that . I love to work on my bikes and my buddy´s to , you can say ´´im a addict´´ . Any way i have about 8 bikes right now, and enjoy riding both in the dirt and on the highways , just bein out there is the best place to be .... here are some of my bikes that i will share with you . p.s im lookin for some parts both for a 1978 rv 90 ie a front tire and some plastic parts for 1993-94 kx 250´s thank -you and keep on riding ...p.s my girlfiend rides a 250 also ..
2002 KTM 250 SX

Photos: 4
Purchased: Feb 2005
Info: this bike was used on the show ´´the fantastic four ´´ it is fast .... it is so nice to ride a bike of this calliber , the front end is so light it will lift a a touch of the throttle ...
1998 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 6
Info: this is a modified 1998 rm 250 this bike will keep-up with my ktm sx 250 ,.this is a great old bike to restore and have fun with .
1993 Kawasaki KX 250

Photos: 4
Info: this bike was the jonny storm bike that did all the fire stunts it was in well they dressed it up to look like a ktm and burned it . im bringin this classic back part buy part keep lookin at how it is goin.after it´s life a a fantastic four movie bike it is goin back to stock .
1978 Suzuki RV 90

Photos: 1
Info: this bike was givin to me by a great friend of mine and is rode by my wife jojo..
2000 Harley Davidson FLSTF

Photos: 1
Purchased: Apr 2000
Info: This is were my horse and me finished 50,000 trek that has changed my life . It took me just short of 5 years and wow what tales i have to tell my grand kids hahaha well let´s just say gidy-up ! thanxs for readin and stay in the wind.
1973 Yamaha GT 80

Photos: 0
Info: this is my first bike i will get a pic up soon !!
1978 Suzuki PE 175

Photos: 1
Info: how do you spell obsesive compolsive hell i don´t no.
1996 Kawasaki KX 250

Photos: 2
Info: hey im still lookin for a few more pieces for this one.. yes this is another bike from the movie fantastic four gettin put back to it´s green glory team green ...
1978 Honda XL 75

Photos: 0
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ya heres me  riding my buddy ivano''s  bike itwas a little soft in the front end good  fun , but my hip has hurt ever since cheers !!!!
Bike: wr 250
Length: 22 seconds
Views: 696
heres ivano ridin hard  to get up the sand with do front end left....
Bike: wr 250
Length: 21 seconds
Views: 11210

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