blackness's 1997 Honda CBR 900
Info: The double bubble windscreen is a nice fit for the bike. Takes some air off of the rider at highway speeds.
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Info: Ya gotta love Black bikes!! The pull on this bike is amazing. Had it up to 260kph so far.Thinking about polishing the frame in 02, and customizing the body work as well. Will keep you posted.
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Info: This to me is one of the best pics of my bike. Just finished washing/waxing it and now the black color really comes out. Now its going into the shop this winter for some custom bodywork.
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Info: Close-up of my bikes lights.
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Info: Put a closer view of this bike up for you. The D&D pipe was a good buy. Just wish it was a little louder at lower RPM's.
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Info: This is a closer view of the other pic.
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Info: This is a closer view of the kick-stand side. Its a big pic.
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Info: **UPDATE** The frame , swing arm and rear wheel are done!! Bodywork is done also. Just waiting for the front wheel. So far so good. Putting more pics of the frame up soon. Taking the swing arm off is ...
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Info: The back rim looks good now that the swing arm and pipe are with it.
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Info: Another shot of the frame....still dirty!! But looks good.
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Info: This is the pic of the whole bike together without the bodywork. (Still getting the rear section painted)
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Info: ***FINALLY DONE*** Over the winter I have polished the frame,swing-arm and rims. Made chrome decals for the RR, CBR on the tail section, 900 on the head fairing and the Fireblade on the lowers. Also i...
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Info: ***FINALLY DONE*** You can see the 900 on the head fairing. Will look better once it is washed.
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Info: ***FINALLY DONE***The RR's came out better than I thought. Will get a better pic so you can see the 900 on the head fairing better.
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Info: ***FINALLY DONE***Pic of the chrome fireblade decal.
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Info: This is a pic of the bike @ night. I just put on the clear lens flushmount signals. Will put up better pic later.
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Information: If you going to buy a bike buy BLACK!!!

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