blueb12s's 1984 Honda VF 500 (Interceptor)
Info: The raised rear end, rear seat cowl, single exit exaust, and modified airbox. Fully adjusted suspension, set up right! This bike made every ride in the backroads a fun one, wether your tooling along s...
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Info: A good shot of the rear of the bike, it gives you a really clear picture of how modified this 500 was. It resmbles the superbikes of today more than the 80's flagship bikes with low suspension and hig...
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Information: This VF500F was puchased to be a first bike for my brother and soon after it was bought be wanted to go further without spending the 5-10k on a race replica and the power delivery of a 120hp 600cc engine just was too violent for a new rider, so, the GP Replica was discussed for a little bit before this fully original VF went under the knife for a face lift. The rear shock upper mounts were relocated further back and down, the clip ons were mounted UNDER the top triple clamp, the forks were lowered 3/4 of an inch for better turn in, and a few other small things, like a modified airbox, shimmed needles, slightly larger mains for more top end scream, and a set of tires rounded out this little monster of a bike. It truly blur''s the line between classic and cutting edge!

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