bobbillbish's 1998 Honda VFR 800
Info: Just after the Repsol paint scheme was added (May 2008). The paintwork was done by myself using spray-cans. Never again though, I must've spent almost 200 on paint alone. The wheels still need painti...
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Info: I removed the enormous (and in my opinion, hideous) original indicators and replaced them with slimline arrow ones. I'm still not completely happy with them though, so they'll no doubt be coming off a...
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Info: An almost finished tank and some dodgy masking work!
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Info: The nose-cone primed and masked, ready for orange.
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Info: Awaiting final decals. The tail end was a nightmare. I had to completely strip all the previous paint off as it was reacting to everything I put on top of it. I'm still toying with cutting it down to ...
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Info: The back end finall gets some paint on it, with the help of Richie and Dad.
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Info: Finished article.
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