G.B. Dam's Member Page
Member: boldor2
Name: G.B. Dam
From: .., N-V, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Gender: Male
Age: 48 years old
Riding For: 13 years
Member Info: When I saw the CB900F for the first time I fell for it. Now I´m building up a CB900F from 1983. At first I underestemated the work it would bring. We disambled the motor completely and ordered new chains and chainguiders. Then begane the trip to find someone who could paint the block black how it was produced in 1983. It took about a year for it to become black again. Now it´s building time I´m checking all the parts and clean everything. To be continued......
1982 Honda CB 900

Photos: 3
Purchased: Feb 2004
Info: I bought this bike last februari in Germany. It didn´t work but after i replaced the startermotor and the elektricalstator it roared again. Now it was time to undress my bike I replaced the frame for one with was already powdercoated and I am now putting it back to getter. To be continued......
1983 Honda CB 900

Photos: 11
Purchased: Aug 2004
Info: After collecting the biggestparts like motor, frame frontfork, I started to find someone who could help me rebuild the motor. I wanted the the hart of the bike would be like new. It toke quit some time to puzzle everything ou but now it''s ready to rebuild. To be continued......
1983 Honda CB 750

Photos: 2
Purchased: Mar 2007
1981 Honda CB 900

Photos: 4
Purchased: Oct 2003
Info: After I had my driveslicense I bought this naked bike from 1981 It was black at the time but now I´ts grey. I sold the grey set and putted on a yellow set. Later on I found out the the frame was bented so I disambled the complete bike.

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