booger's 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R
Info: My "new to me bike".
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Info: You may notice the air intake is broken in this pic. I have since replaced it.
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Info: Green mirrored windshield looked good to me so I left it on. This is 998cc of pure joy! Talked the first owner down to $5000.
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Info: Not shown but when the headlights are on they are bright green. The previous owner was a green fanatic. That's cool, so am I!
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Info: Green signal lenses.
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Info: Same lense with light off to emphasize the green lens.
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Info: Rear view shows D&D Exhaust with fender eliminator including LED lights.
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Info: Stainless 4 to 1 header that mates up with the D&D slip on.
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Info: My Ninja setting next to a truck I thought about buying but 5 and a half G's is too much to pay for a Chinese truch.
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Info: My Joe Rocket jacket with armor.
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Info: I hope I never have to use it for it's intended purpose but when it comes down to me and a leather jacket, I'll choose me everytime.
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