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Member: brickbryce
Name: Bryce Follett
From: Mead, Washington, United States
Gender: Male
Member Info: I ride a 1987 Honda CR 125
1987 Honda CR 125

Photos: 20
Purchased: Jun 2005
Info: mine burns up spark plugs really fast, so i put a NGK BR8EG spark plug in it, and that one burns hotter, and it lasts a lot longer. it is about as fast as my Honda Trail 125, maybe faster (when it comes to top speed) but this sucker will get up there a hell of a lot faster
1977 Honda CT 125

Photos: 13
Purchased: Mar 2004
Info: this bike is very reliable, and starts up about 1st or 2nd kick no matter what the temperature is. i have gotten this bike up to about 55 mph, but i wouldnt reccomend doing that very often. THIS BIKE WAS ONLY MADE IN 1977, NOT ANY OTHER YEAR.
1985 Kawasaki Bayou 185

Photos: 6
Info: This 4 Wheeler is pretty good, it has 5 gears, and only goes about 35 MPH but it gets good mileage and has reverse and electric start.
1985 Honda 200x

Photos: 7
Info: This is a fast 3 wheeler, i think it will do about 60 MPH. It has the power and speed of a dirtbike, but when you ride it, you have the confidence of being on a 4 wheeler.
1983 Honda ATC 250

Photos: 13
Purchased: Aug 2005
Info: wow. this thing is fast. it will do almost any hill my friends KTM 125SX will do, and yea its fast. this is a 2 stroke but most of you probably know that. the mixture is 20:1. this is because it is air cooled, and it needs that much more lubrication. i did happen to overheat it though. this is a huge gas guzzler as well. also, mine has 4 or 5 inch spacers on it, so the fender doesnt do a thing fo
1972 Honda CT 70

Photos: 10
2003 Yamaha BearTracker

Photos: 0
1981 Honda ATC 185

Photos: 0
Info: This 3 wheeler has big floaty tires. it is really quiet, but its also really tippy. you can ride a wheelie on it as long as you want on it though. this wasnt my favorite, but it was fun. this is also another one of the rare collection of ATV/Motorcycles that we just so "happen" to come across.
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