brocparks's 1998 Kawasaki ZX-7R
Info: Photo taken on 27/06/2002 at Brill Hill overlooking Bicester.
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Info: Left hand side view of the works 7R, notice the Renthal sprocket and DID gold chain.
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Info: This photo clearly show the remain of the Dunlop 207 soon to be replaced by the sharper profile more stickey Metzeler Rennsports
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Info: Picture of my ZX7R next to the Windmill at Brill.
Notice the Full Race Micron Exhaust System.
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Info: A great shot of the windmill and the Works Kwacka.
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Info: At home with my Baby.
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Info: Anyone would think this picture was taken at the Isle of Man.

Take a look at the lorry in the background!!!
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Info: Here we are at Donnington in Pit Workshop No.3
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Info: Burnout on the No.1 Works7RRRRR
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Info: Mark Nolan, Adrian Sparrowhawk, Chris Stinson and Chris Mason discussing Knee Down Techniques!!!
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Info: Some quick checks on the rear shock before setting out to the science park.  Note the Blue SV650 which was trashed a few weeks after this picture was taken in Coventry.  The rider Chris Stinson was ve...
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Info: Donnington - Pit 3 From left to Right Ed Parker, Sparra, Chris Mason and Nick Makepeas
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Info: Some final tweeks on the works blade to sort the back endout performed by chief mechanic Nick Makapeas.
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