brooky7r's 1997 Kawasaki ZX-7R
Info: Prep for Silverstone full GP circuit.
Farmer Giles, when the hell will you get that Trumpet back on the road??????
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Info: Fringe, the 11 is left over from the Gixer sticker pack, OK ;-)  , NO MOTOGP pun's aimed at any Yam's ok ;-)
  Ian lowry ran the number with TAS :)

Come on Farmer Giles get some pics of Trumpet on...
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Info: 1997 ZX7R
117Db race can that iv gota quieten down for Sstone trackday
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Info: 7R
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Info: Silverstone UK Full GP circuit July 2012
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Info: Silverstone UK full GP circuit July 2012.

Harry in the distance as per usual......
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Info: Silverstone Full GP circuit July 2012. Luffield corner
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