bushwarrior's 2007 Kawasaki KLR 650
Info: Working at an Air Base means lots of place to wheelie!!
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Info: The Aircraft behind me is a Mirage' F1........bikes are more fun though.
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Info: Even with a smooth road tire the front will lift. How can people say that KLR's can't wheelie!
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Info: My trusty old girl after the 685 conversion and a serious paint job. "That's what a KLR should look like". That is one of the most popular comments I get for the bike now days.
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Info: My Camo KLR "Sarge" and another KLR that my friend Dave built. Also got the 685 kit with a satin black paint job.
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Info: Road Trip down to Durban with Robyn.
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Info: Covered the bike with Kevlar weave Camouflage Material and put KX 250 front forks, wheel and triple clamps on. This bike is really turning heads now!!
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Info: Sarge (My KLR) and Sniper (Joe's KLR). Seems like we are starting a Military KLR platoon here in Hoedspruit. There are 5 KLR's that I have rebuilt in a military style. They seem to attract a lot of at...
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