Key Walshe's Member Page
Member: cagivamito2001
Name: Key Walshe
From: Wigan, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 32 years old
Riding For: 29 years
2001 Cagiva Mito 125

Photos: 28
Purchased: Jul 2001
Info: Still standard at the moment, well apart from the fact its de-restricted! Bought it second hand from a bike breakers, it was abit of a mess as it had no front fairing, mudguard, mirrors, left side indicator, headlights or headlight housing and it only had 200 miles on the clock, what a waste! I got it looking good, still a few minor scuffs n a crack on it but hardly noticable. This was until I ha
1998 Aprilia RS 250

Photos: 11
Purchased: Jan 2003
Info: It was complete luck I found this bike, I was at Riossi in Trafford, Manchester, sat on a brand new ZXR400 seeing what it was like as I always liked Kawasaki ZXR''s, when a salesman came over asking if I was interested as a first bike, told him I was just looking and I already had one but was more interested in a 2 stroke like an Rs250, to which he said they had one out back for sale as it was belo
2000 Aprilia RS 50

Photos: 14
Purchased: Mar 2000
Sold: Aug 2001
Info: This is my RS50 in September 2000. It was my first road bike after being off road riding since I was 4, starting off on an Italjet 50, then playing on my cousins Malagutti Grizzly 50, then got an ex-factory Kawasaki GB Racing KX80! That was one fast little machine, it could hold its own against 125´s easily. Got the RS50 in March 2000 on a new (at the time) W reg. plate. I would have had it s
1999 Aprilia RS 50

Photos: 1
Purchased: Dec 1999
Sold: Feb 2000
Info: I never really had this long, I got an offer on for a brand new 2000 model part exchanging this one as I got more than what I paid for it and cheap insurance so it worked out around the same but I got to have a brand new bike. I liked it, but I preffered my 2000 Harada model much more as it had always been mine and I think it looked much better.
2001 Aprilia RS 125

Photos: 2
Purchased: Jun 2003
Sold: Sep 2003
Info: I got this off my cousin on loan as he went into the Navy, so I said I´d sell it on for him. It´s a 2001 Harada Identikit model, which is a limited edition version, nothing special about it, except it has a more detailed decal set and is alot more like the RSW500 that Harada raced in the 1999 MotoGP 500cc class. Nice little bike, not as good a bike as my Mito, but it was fun also and whe

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