cagivamito2001's 2001 Cagiva Mito 125
Info: Cagiva Mito Evo2 Infostrada replica.
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Info: My Infostrada Mito with a mates RS125 Harada rep.
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Info: My bike and helmet, an OGK Aeroblade, was they thinking of my bike when they did the colour scheme hehe
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Info: Front view of RS125 Harada and Mito 125.
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Info: Rear view showing my very slightly illegal number plate, letters are itallic, too close and it has shadowing! (How petty is the UK police?!?) Notice the worn away īLī plate aswell, seems to have hit t...
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Info: Right side view including my OGK Aeroblade helmet. (OGK is Japanese, available from and means Original Gagster Kit as the Japanese mafia supposidly uses them on their bikes, dunno ...
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Info: Another front view, but this shows the colouring abit better as on the first 10 pics it looks orangey, even though this was taken with bad lighting!
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Info: Close up of the left rear side
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Info: Rear view with my OGK. īLī plate cut down abit more as it was hitting rear tyre though it should be gone for good soon when I complete my motorcycle test.
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Info: A pic of my Mito with my OGK Aeroblade and my 2 sets of gloves, Fieldsheer (summer) and Alpinestars (winter).
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Info: A pic with my Suomy Gunwind Biaggi rep, unfortunatley I can't use this helmet anymore as on the opposite side shown it's very damaged due to an accident on the bike. But here's how I would like it to ...
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Info: Again another pic with my Suomy but this time showing more of the back of it.
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Info: A close up showing my helmet and gloves abit more with my Mito in the background...
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Info: A pic of the damaged side of my helmet, it still has the vent on top o the full damage isn't shown! *see next pic*
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Info: Without the top vent, you can see where it took the main impact right on top as itīs all compressed inwards, a very good to helmet to crash in as it stood up very well to a 100mph crash where I quickl...
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Info: The damage done to my front wheel showing the right side, things to notice are the big chunk missing from the wheel, a split spoke and the brake disc where it has been split into two pieces.
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Info: The left side of the front wheel, this shows more of the damage as thereīs a complete spoke missing and a very large section of the wheel at the bottom missing, lost somewhere out in the countryside o...
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Photos: 28
Purchased: Jul 2001
Sold: n/a
Information: Still standard at the moment, well apart from the fact itīs de-restricted! Bought it second hand from a bike breakers, it was abit of a mess as it had no front fairing, mudguard, mirrors, left side indicator, headlights or headlight housing and it only had 200 miles on the clock, what a waste! I got it looking good, still a few minor scuffs n a crack on it but hardly noticable. This was until I had an 100mph+ accident on it, stood up very well and is back on the road (within a week) needed 2 new wheels, a new front disc, mudguard and tyres. Apart from that just cracks and more scratches on the fairing. As for myself landed on my head, unconcious for over 2 hours, suspected broken back, neck and crushed knee, but luckily just brusing and cuts is all that happened! Itīs now been completely resprayed (everything whats red and white, tank, mudguard, mirrors and all the fairings except the ones below the front seat) by Eightball paintworks up in Bolton (contact me for info) and had a 2002 WSB Infostrada sticker kit put on it from, it now has a Ducati 916 front mudguard, a black screen, and clear indicator lenses (they are off an Aprilia SR50 but fit onto the original Mito ones). Further plans are, re-covered back seat in red and white, sprayed wheels (either black or gold or a 2 tone effect of the 2 colours), small things like Dzus fairing fasteners and screen bolts (probably gold as standard bolts are also gold) black or gold frame (maybe?) and maybe a full Arrow kevlar/chrome exhaust system. But my main aim is to shoehorn an RGV250 engine (which I already have 2 of) into it then get a twin under-seat-pipe set made up for it, I would also like a single sided swing arm but maybe thatīs abit too ambitious but the Gilera 125 has one (looks like an old RS125 or AF1 but nicer) or maybe an NSR250 so maybe itīs a possibility! If anybody has any info they think could help or anything youīd like to ask me about my bike then contact me at [email protected]

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