Canberra Motorcycle Centre Racing MX Team's Member Page
Member: canberramccracing
Name: Canberra Motorcycle Centre Racing MX Team
From: Fyshwick, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Gender: Male
Member Info: The Canberra Motorcycle Centre Racing Team is based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Australia. The team members compete locally at the ACT Motor Cycle Club (, throughout New South Wales in Club Championships at Wollongong, Cooma and Bega, in the Dirt Action Amcross Series, NSW State Junior and Senior MX Championships, and in the Australian MX Nationals. The 2011 team lineup includes founding Kawasaki members John Campbell #330 and Jack McNeice #265 plus newer members Joe Gillespie, Yamaha #533, Lenny Magyar, Yamaha #253, Regie Magyar, Yamaha #228 and Troy Tasker, Yamaha #48, Senior Woman Kirsten Tasker, Yamaha #782, Charlie Dale, Honda #52, and Over 35''s Ross Scarman, Honda #53 and Simon Fensom, Honda #064. and Over 45''s Paul Tasker, Suzuki #49. The team is sponsored by Canberra Motorcycle Centre (Kawasaki/Honda/Yamaha/Suziki dealer), McLeods, Shoe, Dragon, Fly Racing, Sidi, Link International, Motul, RK, and Pirelli. Kawasaki Australia supplies the team''s green bikes on a Race Plan.
2001 Kawasaki KX 85

Photos: 57
Purchased: Aug 2003
Info: This was Jack McNeice''s modified small wheel KX85. Andrew Campbell built the crank with wide clearances on the big end (for increased lubrication and longevity) and minimal runout (to reduce vibrations). It did over 300 hours on the bottom end (and is still going). We ported the cylinder to Team Green RS03-02 specs and Electrosil recoated it. Axel Martinson cc''d and reshaped the cylinder head, put
2004 Kawasaki KX 85

Photos: 44
Purchased: Feb 2005
Info: This was Jack McNeice''s 107cc KX85 big wheel, a light weight (30kg) alternative to a 125. It was modified to run in the 125cc class by overboring the standard KX85 cylinder and power valve and fitting a Wiseco 54.5mm forged piston. Andrew Campbell re-built and machined the crank with wider clearances (for increased lubrication and longevity) and zero runout (for reduced vibrations). Electrosil bor
2006 Kawasaki KX 125

Photos: 75
Info: This was John Campbell''s 2006 & 2007 race bike. It was also Jack McNeice''s Junior and Senior Lites 2008 race bike. Jack raced it in the 2007 Junior 125 13-U15yrs class. Andrew Campbell built and tuned the motor. It has a Bud head, pipe and muffler, Vertex forged piston, Keihin flat slide carby, V Force III reeds, Bud Clutch basket and Teknic Suspension. It''s a hole shot machine and is for sale.
2007 Honda CRF 150

Photos: 6
Info: This was Brock Fayles race bike, prepared by Axel Martinson & Brett from B&M Tuning. It was fast and competitive, just like its rider!
2007 Honda CR 125

Photos: 1
Info: This was Brock Fayles 125cc race bike, prepared by Axle Martinson and Brett from B&M Tuning. It was fast and competitive, just like its rider.
2007 Kawasaki KX 250F

Photos: 21
Info: Both Scott Abigail''s (#72) and John Campbell''s (#30) 2007 race bikes. Jack McNeice also raced John''s bike under #30 in late 2008. The head was flowed by a Formula 1 technician, and fitted with an bigger cam, high compression piston, high performance pipe and re-jetted. It produces 38hp at the rear wheel and torque equivalent to a factory race bike.
2004 Kawasaki KX 125

Photos: 5
Info: Both Scott Abigail #72 and John Campbell #288 raced these KX125''s in 2005.
2006 Honda CR 85

Photos: 6
Info: This was Brock Fayles race bike, prepared by Axel Martinson from Axle Motorcycles & Brett from B&M Tuning. It put out about 20+hp at the back wheel and was a rocket, just like its rider.
2008 Honda CRF 250

Photos: 13
Info: This were Brock Fayle''s 2008 Race and practice bikes
2008 Kawasaki KX 450F

Photos: 8
Purchased: Dec 2007
Info: This is John Campbell''s 08 KX450F Carburettor race bike
2009 Kawasaki KX 250F

Photos: 95
Purchased: Feb 2009
Info: This is Jack McNeice''s 2009 and 2010 Race Bike. He kept it stock for 2009, then added a Wiseco high compressions piston. In 2010 Andrew Campbell modified it with a CP high compression piston and Mark Banyard, a former Cosworth Formula 1 Technician, ported and flowed the cylinder head.
2009 Kawasaki KX 450F

Photos: 5
Purchased: Dec 2008
Info: This is John Campbell''s 09 KX450F EFI. It''s a tractor and being further developed by his race tuner dad Andrew
2011 Kawasaki KX 250F

Photos: 11
Purchased: Jan 2011
Info: This is Jack McNeice''s new 2011 KX250F EFI. This year UEA Racing have come on board as a personal sponsor. Jack is one of 5 riders who were selected by UEA for an Under 19''s MX Nationals Development Team. UEA are providing the riders assistance with a Pro MX Coach, Axis Motorsports Works Connection suspension, Pirelli Tyres and entry fees. Jack will retain his 2009 KX250F as a practice bike and ra
1995 Kawasaki KX 60

Photos: 11
Purchased: Mar 2001
Info: This was Jack McNeice''s first real race bike. He raced it from 2001 to 2004, and came 22nd in the 2003 Australian Junior MX Championships on it, and 5th in the 2004 NSW Junior MX Championships.
2004 Kawasaki KX 65

Photos: 5
Purchased: May 2004
Sold: Dec 2004
Info: This was Jack McNeice''s race bike from May 2004 to the end of the 2004 race season. He was riding the wheels off his 10 year old KX60. We ported the barrel to Team Green specs and ran it with a double base gasket to raise the height of the exhaust port and increase the duration of the cylinder filling and set the squish to .65mm. We ran it with a KX60 carby for more bottom end power and tried bith

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