cannonsburger's 1999 Kawasaki ZX-7R
Info: This is my bike the first day that I got her.  The LADY that owned her before me was in an accident with her and busted up a bounch of stuff.  Like the front fairings the headlight mount speedometer m...
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Info: I painted her black with a silver stripe going down the middle.  I also added a streetfighter headlight custom made two mirror brackets added mirrors and put on a new tail light with integrated turn s...
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Info: I still need to get some kind of front fender to keep rocks and other road debries out of my radiator.
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Info: As you can see I had to relocate the speedometer because of the new headlight.  I made a bracket that positions it on top of the forks.  Its just a little bit close to the rider but it works and I can...
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Info: I took these pictures before I got my right side mirror.
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