canyamas's 1999 Honda XR 600
Info: ARROW doesn't fiver.
Rear suspensión more up.
Small rear pilot.
140 of tires.
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Info: This bike is very fast, but in Catalonian the police (MOSSOS) are very Son of a bitch. 

A tots el Catalans: No ens deixem enganyar! Els mossos son un fills de Puta Cabrons.

La lluita continua. E...
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Info: Tonino (children friends or picorman) had a girlfriend. Tonino love Manan.   A long time ago Tonino had a Dejebel 600 but now had a Manan.
I think that Manan most run that Dejebel. If no, I don´t und...
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Info: This bike is very fantastic. In Catalonian the Mossos D'Esquadra (Police) are a pigs. We don't go with ours bikes for the country.
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Info: This picture I made the last day. I sold the Xr the next day.
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Info: My XR600 by HRC and the other XR of my friend.
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Photos: 12
Purchased: Apr 2000
Sold: Apr 2004
Information: I loved this bike. Very decals for all. More details.

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