carlwoodman's 2000 Cagiva Mito 125
Info: i no its not a mito, but i think more people will see it in here than in the planet section, i have spent allot of time working on this bike, all mods are done by me and they include, full derestricti...
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Info: the arrow system was a bastard to fit

i had to get the manifold turned out on a laithe because it wouldent drop into the arrow downpipe (the bikes and inport and the arrow pipes for a uk bike), scr...
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Info: email me at and tell me what you think of my bike
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Information: this bike will soon be up for sale £2000 everything on the bike is ABSOLUTELY imaculate, and i mean everything (it was not clean in the pictures) new tyres, chain, sprockets, good pads, mirror polishing inc(not shown) reasserts, engine cases, levers, heal protector, radiator dry use only 13000 km (you wouldn“t believe its done 13000, compleat engine rebuild, 500 miles since) carbonfibre front fender arrow full race system spots flat bars suspension setup rear end 3" higher than standard and more top speed 105 mph (never been flat out) and 0-60 mph in 6 sec (bike comes with several different sprockets for different performances, it acelerates alot quicker than a mates rs125 available restricted or de restricted available in standard trim and setup this bike is VERY load, very fast and will gets a lot of attention by other bikers if your interested email me

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