cbr2fast4uf3's 1995 Kawasaki KX 125
Info: This thing runs like a dream. If your thinking about buying a dirtbike buy a  1995 kx 125, because it never needs bored out,because in 1995 they coated the inside of the piston walls with something, s...
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Info: This thing is a rocket!! really, this bike is all stock. It's a 1995, the only thing that is not stock are the handle bars and the graphics,have fun looking at, Go ahead save it I know you want to.
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Info: This is my buddy, he rides with me on the back fender!!
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Info: There is only one word for this bike, AWSOME!!
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Info: Sorry the bike is not clean, but I wanted to show you the sprocket that I spray painted.
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Info: This seat cover keeps you right on the seat you don't slip at all. This bike is a blast.
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Information: If you could only ride this BEAST!! This bike had the original graphics on it for a 1995 but they were pretty ratty, so i put factory effex on it.

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