cbrbiker's 1995 Honda CBR 600
Info: My new (well, 1995 but new to me) CBR600FS.
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Info: Picture of me on my CBR, taken 2/3/02.
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Info: My CBR in on the right, my mate Richard's is on the left.  Separated at birth?
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Info: Bike now has a double bubble tinted screen, which is accented by some freebie stickers from RiDE magazine.  Also got it professionally valeted, so it's pretty damn clean!
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Info: Arse end shot of the bike, this time with the new Spider-man lid I bought with some of my personal injury money from the Kawasaki.
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Photos: 9
Purchased: Feb 2002
Sold: Sep 2003
Information: Following the accident on my ZXR400 H1 (November 2001: http://www.bikepics.com/members/cbrbiker/90zx4r/), I took ownership today (21/2/02) of a Ž95 CBR600FS. Stage 1 DynoJet, K&N air filter and a Scorpion can are the mods that were already in place. Needs a damn good clean (previous owner commuted all weather), but I donŽt think IŽll modify any more (and if I do, it will only be cosmetic). Since posting these pics, I have added a set of Motad stainless down pipes due to the original ones developing a "pleasing to the ear but not performance" hole! Finally parted company with this bike today (20/09/03) on a trade in for the 600RR.

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