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Member: cezarex
Name: Czarek
From: Warszawa, Poland
Gender: Male
Riding For: 13 years
Member Info: I started my adventure with motobikes in 2003. My first motocycle was a total off-road version of Honda XR600. Since the spring of 2004 I´m happy owner of the second motobike - SUZUKI TL1000 S. I know that was a total crazy (I was a absolutely greenhorn!) to start learning the Motobike Art of Riding on such powerfull machines, but thanks to My Motorcycle Master - Radek(nick: bronti - his also present on this site), I´m still alive, my body is in one piece and finally I can tell that I can drive my preasures without any complex:) THANK YOU Radek - you are amazing rider,very good teacher and ...true friend. PS. It is truth that motobike is like drugs...sobordinate coming with any warning. BTW epidemic is expanding - I infect my brother - tomorrow he´ll buy Triumph....;)
1997 KTM 620 GS

Photos: 1
Purchased: Sep 2005
Info: When XR found a new owner I decided to change orange! After two weeks searching I found my new two-wheels-love. Quick condition check, one repair...and became KTM-age:) Compering to XR - almost the same power but''s completly different bike - torq, suspention, driving, etc..but after 2 years I can say - MY COLOR IS ONLY ORANGE :)
1991 Honda XR 600

Photos: 8
Purchased: Jul 2003
Sold: Jul 2005
Info: Yes, I know XR dosnīt look very special... but with him I lost my MotoBike Virginity :) .... first MB ride, first MB fall,first MB fear,first MB sweat,first MB blood ...and after all of this ..first excitation of true FREEDOM :) XR is not a new or a pretty motocycle...onestly he is a really ugly,looking like a unfriendly,dark mutant-animal.. additionally he require a very brutal treatment(kick st
1997 Suzuki TL1000s

Photos: 7
Purchased: Jun 2004
Sold: May 2005
Info: - full power version - exhaust uplifted - carbon chain cover - regular Suzuki modification

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