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Member: chiseler
Name: Tristan Rynott
From: Penrith, Australia
1989 Kawasaki KLR 250

Photos: 5
Info: This is my first bike. goes good for what it is and we just did the piston and rings with a rebore. Mono´s OK but you pretty much have to rev it to about 6,000 and dump the clutch. Its in alright condition and i only paid $1450 for it. The suspension is pretty crap, front is way too soft for my size and theback is a little too soft.(I bent the pegs from bottoming it out all the time) Its got a top
1992 Kawasaki GPX 250 / Ninja 250

Photos: 1
Info: I think its a 1992 but not sure cos its my brothers. Its just had a new engine put in it because he blew the other one up. He brokea conrod and the piston got jammed into the head and he conrod gouged all the way down the bore. He also shattered a few rockers and tappets.
1987 Kawasaki GPZ 500

Photos: 3
Info: This is my dads GPZ 600, not a 500 but 600 wasnt on the list. Its in immaculate condition and goes as hard as it did new. Its a great bike and i cant wait to geto on it.
1983 Honda XR 250

Photos: 4
Info: This isactually an XL 250, not an XR but they didnt have XL on the list. Its a great bike, or was until I stacked it. It was ok i just had to bend the seat frame back and i will need to repaint all the plastics. Alot of low down grunt, suspensions OK but a fair bit too low.
1996 Honda XR 400

Photos: 3
Info: This is a 96 model XR400R, Its pretty much stock, the old engine had a big bore kit but that was destroyed, It broke a conrod and smashed holes in everything. cheaper to buy a new engine. Pops great monos and is fairly agile for the trail.

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