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Member: classicpielk
Name: Michiel P
From: Benthuizen, Benthuizen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Gender: Male
Age: 31 years old
Riding For: 15 years
Member Info: Hey people, Iīm Michael (dutch: Michiel) from Holland, 23 years old. Iīve owned a lot of mopeds, but Iīve started driving motorcycles. I drive, repair and overhaul motorcycles (and sometimes cars) Drive safely, Michiel
1998 Honda NTV 650 (Revere)

Photos: 3
Info: Don''t mind the blue NTV, that''s my former NTV. The red one is my current bike, a 1998 Honda NTV 650 (non-Revere). Last model NTV before the Deauville (NT650V) came into production
1996 Aprilia Classic 50

Photos: 56
Purchased: Jun 2002
Info: This is my current and dream bike. It has superb looks, drives great and attracts bikers like sugar attracts flies. Itīs great. Only problem is this; Aprilia sucks. But well, itīs okay with me. Itīs only 50cc, but it looks like 500cc or more.
1983 Suzuki ZR 50

Photos: 19
Purchased: May 2002
Info: Itīs a good looking chopper, at least I think so. I gave it a paint job, raised the front and lowered the rear. Momentarily working on a custom saddle and so on. One of these pictures shows a frame and some parts... this is my extreme custom which I am working on. Hope you like it :-)
2001 Puch NRG Extreme

Photos: 3
Purchased: Feb 2004
Sold: May 2004
Info: Itīs my small scooter... I hate scooters :-@ but well... it works, so if I am working on my own moped I can still go to my friends... but I bought a second Aprilia Classic so Iīll sell this one I think, Iīm running out of space :-s
1982 Suzuki ZR 50

Photos: 6
Purchased: Jan 2001
Sold: Jun 2004
Info: This is the moped I started on. I rebuilt it with all the genuine parts and now Iīll sell it because I donīt use it any more and the fun of rebuilding it is gone. I enjoy looking at it, and enjoy owning it, but my shed is all filled up so Iīll have to get it gone. It is a wonderfull moped with all the last sold genuine parts on it (no new exhaust pipes are made, but I own a new one). And itīs all
1985 Suzuki ZR 50

Photos: 52
Info: I like this one :-D Itīs just that little bit different, well... little?
1993 Aprilia Red Rose 50

Photos: 11
1989 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 44
1990 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 10
1990 Puch Maxi

Photos: 9
1988 Honda MT5

Photos: 10
1992 Suzuki GN 250

Photos: 2
1991 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 6
1993 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 18
1988 Honda VT 600 (Shadow VLX)

Photos: 3
1997 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 8
1991 Honda XR 600

Photos: 9
1989 Honda NX 650 Dominator

Photos: 5
Purchased: Nov 2006
Sold: Jan 2007
1995 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 4
1995 Honda CA 125 Rebel

Photos: 10
1989 Suzuki GS 500

Photos: 3
1981 Honda XL 500

Photos: 1
1987 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 10
1992 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 6
1986 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 17
1988 Suzuki Savage

Photos: 0
2001 Yamaha XVS 650 V Star

Photos: 1
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