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Member: clay27
Name: Clay Coburn
From: Weatherford, Texas, United States
Gender: Male
Member Info: I live in Weatherford, Texas. I really enjoy riding and working on bikes. I rebuilt all three of the bikes on my profile. The Suzuki is for sale if anyone is interested. I will put more pictures and info up soon!
1996 Yamaha RT 100

Photos: 3
Info: I bought this bike for like $40 dollars I think. Half of the bike was in a box. I ended up having like $600 in it but it has been the best little bike. I weigh 185lbs and have ridden the poor little bike hard and it has not given me any major problems. I put a motocross rear tire on it. I had to put a bend in the brake stay arm to do it. I also put a front fender and numberplate from a yz80 on it.
1978 Honda CR 125

Photos: 5
Info: I bought this bike for $45 and paid to much for it. It was missing a lot of parts and was in bad shape. I made a lot of the parts for it like the seat pan, chain guide, brackets to hold the front number plate and I extended the foot pegs. I could not find a seat pan anywhere for it so out came the welder. I did not have a chain guide on it and the chain kept derailing. I considered going with the
2005 Yamaha YZ 250

Photos: 1
Info: I bought this bike brand new. It is amazing to ride the 82 RM250 then get on this bike. Technology has come a long way!
1982 Suzuki RM 250

Photos: 4
Sold: Nov 2006
Info: This bike was a bike my uncle had bought and then had to have the motor rebuilt because the throttle got hung wide open and it did not have a kill switch so it blew up. He had someone rebuild it and it ran great after that. It ran like brand new. The problem was that the chasis and bodywork were in horrible shape. So I stripped it down and had to do some repairs on the frame and rebuild the suspen
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